KTM Genuine OEM Spare Parts Online

Whether you are a Weekend Warrior, Adventure Nut, Weekend Scratcher or Orange Blooded Racer, KTM Motorcycles are the weapon of choice. To make sure your ride stays in optimal working condition, you need to keep it serviced. As the old saying goes; “Prevention is better than the cure.”

Nothing is worse than when your bike decides to breakdown in the middle of an epic ride…Yep…you become THAT GUY!!!

Make sure you do the preparation before you ride by using KTM Motorcycle Genuine Parts. The factory spends the time money and effort making producing parts to the highest level of quality, so you have the peace of mind to go where no-man has gone before and come back on the back wheel.

If it’s a genuine KTM Motorcycle Part you know it is fit for purpose on purpose.

Power Parts  

KTM Motorcycles know you want to get the best out of your motorcycle. They also get that every person is that little bit different in size, shape, fitness and skills. And that’s the exact reason that KTM Power Parts exist. You can upgrade your KTM Motorcycle to be a factory race replica with everything supplied from the factory.

The net result is that you can buy a standard bike and make it exactly how and what you like to suit your style, look and capability.

KTM Power Parts make life and customising your bike easy, fast and reliable.

Check out or range of Power Parts for your bike here.  

Power Wear  

There’s an old saying that says… “Don’t leave home without protection” and nothing is truer than when you’re riding your favourite KTM Motorcycle. For Dirt, Adventure, Road or strutting your stuff at the disco, KTM Power Wear is where form meets function and quality. Designed and built to be super tough, ultra-functional and look great, KTM Power Wear is the perfect way to make a statement and be protected at the same time.

Here at Blue City Motorcycles we have KTM Genuine Spares online in our OEM Online Parts Store and the Power Parts and Power Wear are in our Accessories range. For more details reach out to us via Email; spares@bluecitymotrocycles.com.au or contact us by Phone.